Alex Kennon
Since Alex was a child he always has been attracted to house music which led him to discover the world of DJs.
Alex was born in Italy in the late 80's.
He studied classical guitar for 6 years. With his father he has listened music of Enigma, The Cure, Massive Attack, together with the funk and other genres.
Alex has worked in local radio where he has begun to prove its sounds. He begins to be attracted by the House music, Detroit and electronics.
After high school, Alex began working in tourist resorts, but his passion for electronic music was always stronger and in 2007, after returning from Egypt, where he worked for 8 months in clubs, he began to produce music, his dream ever!
With the money earned Alex creates a small studio to compose music and he adds so much passion.
Alex begins to participate in club events in Italy Spain and Egypt, his reputation grows every day more.

The music he produces is difficult to describe since his inspirations and ideas are influenced by different styles.
Currently he is working as a DJ and production, and he lives in Ibiza, where in 2012 he plays in Privilege on thursday , Ushuaia and other clubs.
His style is special, his songs are never flat, but always full of new sounds and grooves.
His tracks are signed for more labels... and many editors are interested to His sound.
His objective is to give a touch of originality and the esoteric to the original music scene of the field!
The music is a passion and the passions are in the blood, in the music there are no stars... but the Music is the star.